Yoga Trumps Bingo as Centers for Aged Try New Approach

Published: December 30, 2002
Updated: December 30, 2002

“Fredericka Mabon did not really want to have bingo at the Lenox Hill Senior Center at St. Peter’s Church in Manhattan. No knock on bingo, but elderly people hunched over bingo cards brought to her mind an uninviting image of old age. The game fed a stubborn stereotype of senior centers.”

The article goes on to say that the elderly do not care for the word ‘senior’ anymore. They would rather yoga and exercise classes than bingo and that they did not want to have somebody come in and talk to them about cancer, nor did they want a bereavement group set up.

Some may say that this sounds like avoidance tactics, or that this group is in total denial. I say that this is the type of group that I would rather hang with than other more morbid let’s show you the way to die groups.


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