Xin Mai

Published: August 18, 2007
Updated: August 18, 2007

Little Xin Mai has become the centre of attention in this hem since she arrived here from Taiwan with her parents a few weeks ago. Vietnamese people love their children so much and this little girl is being spoiled by every auntie, uncle and cousin in the hem. Its a beautiful thing to watch.

In the photos her auntie Lan is holding her and her cousin Trang is in the background in some shots. Xin Mai is a little bit wary of me but it didn’t take me long to break the ice after she saw her image from the first couple of shots. The images are taken at Ca Phe Kieu at the corner of the hem. This is the place I love to sit and enjoy the company and gossip of my neighbours.

Click on the image below to bring up a short slideshow.



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