Women’s Day offers chance to gripe about men - Viet Nam News

Published: March 10, 2004
Updated: March 10, 2004

Quite a great deal of attention was given to International Women’s Day here in Vietnam. The city decorated the Opera House with 30,000 Roses and Jasmines which looked a treat. Seminars and discussion groups were held for single women as well as for couples to discuss women’s role in society and other issues.

Chocolate manufacturers produced special heart and animal shaped confectioneries and shops selling womens apparel were quite often decorated with “Happy 8-3” window dressings.

Today presents the opportunity for the liberated women of Viet Nam to reflect on their improved role in society, complain about the men in their lives, and argue about if they actually hold up quite a bit more than just half the sky.

“Today’s women are very busy,” said Truong Thi Ngoc, 42, an office staffer. “Apart from work, we have to take care of our kids so by the end of the day, we pass out.”

Ngoc, like many other women, believes her husband should share in the housework. “We expect our men to at least be understanding,” she said. “Before our first child was born I had more time for him. Sometimes, he thinks I don’t take enough care of him.”

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