what the hell have I got to complain about anyway??

Published: October 31, 2006
Updated: October 31, 2006

Now that I look back at my previous posting I feel ashamed that I felt I had any cause to complain about anything because I don’t have to look very far in this country to realise just how blessed I am.


Last night I slept in an air-conditioned room in a huge bed with clean linen and a warm quilt.

Last night we ate Pho at a dingy roadside eatery and watched the lady put her baby to sleep on a hard timber platform open to the dust and noise of the busy road and we knew that the baby would be sharing that bed with the rest of the family.


This morning I had a warm shower in a clean bathroom with fragrant shampoo and bath gel.

This morning I watched as one of the construction workers in worn and dirty clothing performed his morning ablutions in the filthy water of a pond in front of our room. The same pond where I had seen mud and concrete covered tools being cleaned the night before.


Today I face the day with the knowledge that I have an Australian passport, a secure place to return to and enough money to live a comfortable life.

Yesterday we visited the house of a farmer outside of Hue and met his wife and five children. The generations of this family have lived in this house for over 50 years and each year they know that when the river is in flood they will have to abandon the house because it will be at least 2 metres under water. Some years the water covers their roof. Like all of their neighbours they don’t have the means to move anywhere else but say that they are lucky to be living where they are and have the love of the family.


Today I was taken to the airport in an air-conditioned car and flew business class to Ha Noi in a modern clean aircraft.

Yesterday I saw a man with no arms leading a blind man along a small country lane outside of Hue.


No…I have nothing to complain about, but I will leave the previous posting as a testament to my own ignorance.

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