Weekend trip to Binh Chau Hot Springs ecotourist resort.

Published: April 5, 2004
Updated: April 5, 2004

We were very fortunate to be invited to spend the weekend at Binh Chau Spa Resort with a group of people from HCMC. The group consisted of Vietnamese nationals who have completed their degrees in Australia along with people from Nutrifort, a health and fitness monitoring company, others from RMIT as well as partners and friends.
Binh Chau is about 150 Klms, or three hours by bus, from HCMC and is situated in the Xuyen Moc District of Baria-Vung Tau province which is south-east of the city and only 15 Klms from the ocean.
The hot mineral waters at Binh Chau come from a lake in the Nui May Tao (May Tao mountains), that is situated to the north. From the May Tao’s, the water travels deep underground where it gains is high temperatures, and surfaces again in several ponds and springs at Binh Chau. The water gains a heavy concentrate of minerals on its journey which, it has been scientifically confirmed, are beneficial to the health and well being of people who bathe in them. Additionally, there is hot mud at Binh Chau, which is also considered to be extremely therapeutic when coated onto the body. I have to say that the mud made our skin very smooth after we went through the procedure.


The resort itself is of an extremely high standard, and the food and service were excellent. I will write more about this resort and the excellent weekend that we had with a very fun group of people.
Meantime, I have posted some images onto the Gallery here:
Binh Chau Hot Springs weekend

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