true happiness is…

Published: November 29, 2005
Updated: November 29, 2005

Mimi, Lisa Terry and I were leaving the Hilton Ha Noi Opera Hotel the other night when one of the doorman enquired whether there was something we were looking for and Terry quipped that actually we were searching for “happiness”. We all encouraged the doorman to please inform us if he came across true “happiness” as it was the objective of our quest.

Well, yesterday Mimi and I found this elusive happiness in the form of really great street food. You see, since we have shifted hotels we have not been sure where the best places to eat might be that are close by. We have not been satisfied with the food we have found until yesterday we embarked upon an earnest quest and found a small alley with a great variety of delicious food that is less than a block away from our hotel.

Last night Mimi and I decided to go and eat wonton soup on the pavement in Hang Dao St at a small (very) place we had spotted the night before. Once again we found this elusive “happiness” as this soup was delicious also. Even better still was the fact that on the way back to the hotel we decided to walk a new way and got ourselves temporarily lost. In so doing we found an entire “happiness” street chock full of busy small places to eat all serving a variety of dishes.

I guess that true “happiness” is all around us depending on our needs. All we need to do is go look for it.

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