triple refraction

Published: December 17, 2003
Updated: December 17, 2003

Eve, Svenja and Sarah are currently exhibiting their honours art installations in the main gallery at Metro Arts in Brisbane. We travelled up there last night for the opening, and of course for the after exhibition party at the Victory Hotel next door.

I was keen on seeing these three pieces of work because, to a certain extent I had followed their creation over the last ten moths or so. We had been to Eve’s garage sale installation, and both Lisa and my photo’s from that day were included in the exhibition which presented a-typical images of the sub-culture that exists around selling from home garages. Sarah composed images from mental asylums in and around Brisbane and the results created a powerful commentary on an emotive topic. Meanwhile Svenja’s digital creation was entrancing as the viewer became a part of the subject matter by moving in front of any of the three video cameras.

A group of us stayed in an old bed & breakfast at the top end of Edward St called the Acacia Inner City Inn (see image below). It was cheap and clean and the managers were very friendly, so what more could you ask for. We must have all looked a bit shabby though as we wove our way up Edward St at about 2 am. Today I am not feeling all that special and the thought of packing belongings is making me feel ill.

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