this is getting to be too much

Published: November 9, 2007
Updated: November 9, 2007

I thought that maybe when I saw the police visit my dog, daughter & wife beating neighbour a couple of days ago that they had been talking to him about not beating his dog. However, if the exhibition I watched just a few moments ago is any indication, that is not so.

This man is SICK. Actually I think he is demented. I watched him from my rooftop as he beat and tortured this small inoffensive animal. The latest trick is to stand on the dog and jump on it with all his weight. What makes me realise that this guy is nothing more than a sadist is that he will hurt the dog, then stand back for a minute and watch it, he may even walk inside, then the urge will strike and he will walk back out and begin to hurt the animal some more.

This guy just needs to be hurting something. It doesn’t matter if its his dog or his daughter. I plan to video the next episode and until I get that I’m not saying anything. But right now I am so angry that I want to go over there and beat the fuck out of this guy, but ironically I realise that makes about as bad as he is. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to control myself for much longer though.

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