research suffers as war watching increases.

Published: March 22, 2003
Updated: March 22, 2003

Research for my honours courses has been fragmented by a new type of distraction. Watching the war on television, (the new one in Iraq that is), is somewhat akin to following a test cricket match over the course of five days. I tend to leave the television turned on and get on with other mundane ordinary facets of life (such as eating) and occasionally venturing back to the set to ‘see what the score is’.

As of this date the score seems firmly in favour of ‘the good guys’.

I cannot help but notice, however, that as news casters search for something about which to report, the rhetoric and conjecture seem to collide as speculation mounts over outcomes. Perhaps watching all this unfold is not such a lost cause as far as investigating methods of research goes.

go the good guys!!! (whoever you are).

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