Rediscover Yourself

Published: April 3, 2005
Updated: April 3, 2005

There has been a competion running in “The Guide” since last May where readers have been asked to submit slogans appropriate for use in the tourist industry that illustrate the excitement of Viet Nam. Over 500 submissions were recieved from both foriegn residents and international tourists with first place being split between two slogans.

Eight slogans out of the more than 500 were short listed and Lisa’s entry of
“Rediscover yourself-
Discover Vietnam”
was among them which is very special.

I realise that I am enormously biased but I really do think that Lisa’s slogan is better than either of the winning entries which were
“Vietnam, Flavours of Mind”
by Adam McCarty &
“Vietnam, The Smile of Asia”
by Ralph Freda.

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