Playing Tommy tourist

Published: January 25, 2004
Updated: January 25, 2004

Yesterday we walked to the gates of RMIT University, just to make sure that we knew how to get there. Upon reflection it is an easy walk as Pham Ngoc Thach St is just an extension of Dong Khoi St where the Hotel Continental is located. RMIT is about 8 or 9 blocks away from the hotel, which equates to about a 15 or 20 minute easy stroll. Having said that, we did locate the Uni without the assistance of a map and only the memory of a brief visit there last June, so we were very pleased with ourselves.

At the moment the trees that line Dong Khoi St are festooned with coloured lights that hang from them like mistletoe or old man?s beard. The effect is startling and quite beautiful. Last night we wandered down to the Majestic Hotel and ventured up to the rooftop bar that is on the 8th floor. From there we had a cool drink and a snack and watched the going?s on in the streets below and in the river as well. We had a clear view of the Port of Saigon and it was fascinating to watch the activity. Every time a hydrofoil arrived at the jetty, the number of cabs in the street would increase magically and they would sit out into the street at least 5 deep. This meant the through traffic had only the narrowest of access and the resultant chaos as buses, scooters and cars vied for the single lane left open to them to pass through was fun to watch.

We ate dinner at a Pho shop where we both opted for the beef Pho. Pho is basically a noodle soup with the greens and meat etc included in it. On the table we had bowls of Chile peppers, peppermint leaves and limes to add to the mix. This is a delightful meal and it must appeal to Lisa because she also ate the same thing for breakfast this morning, including Chiles!! I opted for a mixed breakfast of fried rice, noodles, omelette, croissant, sweet bread and of course black coffee. Strange combination perhaps, but it should set me up for the rest of the day.

And yes, I did have a massage yesterday, and I feel much better for it thank you very much. The Jacuzzi and the steam bath were beneficial also and I will be heading back there again today. Meanwhile, I guess that we will wander around like Tommy tourist again for the rest of the day. Perhaps we will hire a couple of Cyclo?s and save our legs, but more on that tomorrow?

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