| Wife kills husband in testicle attack (August 29, 2003)

Published: August 31, 2003
Updated: August 31, 2003

Ouch! My eyes watered reading this article, and definitely not from laughter. However, as sad as the story really is, I did have a wry smile at the dead husbands name.

A WOMAN in Cambodia has given herself up to authorities after accidentally killing her husband in a scuffle in which she squeezed his testicles until he fainted, newspaper reported.

Saut Chin, 46, was fed up with physical abuse from her husband when she grabbed his testicles until he passed out in the incident Tuesday, the Rasmei Kampuchea (Light of Cambodia) newspaper reported.

Fearing that her husband, Ouch Yan, 52, might regain consciousness and start beating her again, Saut Chin tied his neck with a scarf to a bed, the newspaper said.

The exact cause of Ouch Yan’s death was not known.

You can read the complete article here


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