| Sheep starve on ship of shame (September 22, 2003)

Published: September 22, 2003
Updated: September 22, 2003

What a tragic story this is and what a totally unacceptable event. Perhaps the holds of the ship would be a great place for the bureaucrats and politicians who have stuffed this up to spend some time (and don’t clean up the manure beforehand).

I can’t help but feel saddened and angry about this.

Sheep starve on ship of shame
By Luke McIlveen
September 22, 2003

THE 54,000 live sheep remaining aboard the Cormo Express are fast running out of fodder and will today begin to starve.

United Arab Emirates authorities reluctantly agreed to let the so-called “ship of shame” dock overnight on Thursday but there was only time to load enough fodder to last several days.

It is understood fodder will run out by late today.

For six weeks the ship has been a floating hell for its controversial cargo, raised on the far-away golden plains of Western Australia.

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and still there is more…

One vet, one bolt gun, few options
By Fleur Anderson and Alison Rehn
September 22, 2003

THE lone Australian vet on board the ship of shame has one bolt gun and enough charges to kill just a tenth of the 54,000 Australian sheep left alive.

The animals are packed three to a square metre so that not every animal can lie down.

They stand and sleep on a bed of manure and urine, which has been cleaned twice since the Cormo Express left Australia almost seven weeks ago.

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and yet more…

Canberra keeps lid on truth
By Luke McIlveen
September 22, 2003

THE plight of the sheep aboard the Cormo Express has been big news overseas - but the Government has kept a lid on the tragedy at home by refusing to release details.

Agriculture officials have blamed a minor skin condition known as scabby mouth for the rejection of the 58,000 sheep.

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I have been indifferent to the live sheep export industry, but not now. What a disgusting situation. Slaughter the poor fucking animals at home and send their carcasses over in a deep freeze for Cliff’s sake (that’s a joke from the Young One’s), but this situation is no joke.

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