monster in our garden

Published: July 21, 2006
Updated: July 21, 2006

This quite large adult Blue Tongue lizard has suddenly appeared in our garden. I’m not sure whether it is a new resident or whether it has been hiding out since we moved in but it now moves around finding the best places to sun itself and has a well concealed tunnel underneath the steps to our main patio as its hideout. It doesn’t seem to appreciate the back rubs that I give it though, in fact it seems to be very anti-social, but each to its own I guess.

For a place that is so close to the city centre this area is alive with wildlife. Scrub turkeys wander up and down the streets and in and out of gardens, possums run up and down the power lines and across the rooftops every night, many birds come and feed on the berries in our garden and now we have this little guy who will hopefully help keep down some of the insect population.



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