Linked: The New Science of Networks

Published: January 6, 2003
Updated: January 6, 2003

Currently reading “Linked” by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and I am intrigued to discover that as early as 1736, the Swiss born mathematician Leonhard Euler began an immense branch of mathematics known as ‘Graph Theory’. It is this graph theory that is today the basis of our thinking about networks.

My intrigue does not lie with the discovery of graph theory itself, but with the fact that Euler began solving problems using graphs with collections of nodes connected by links. Up until now I had assumed that nodes and links, the fundamental basics of hypertext, were a relatively new element that was a result of computerization, (see hyper-narrative under ‘definitions’).

Barabasi goes on that we are all nodes linked together to form fascinating networks. I read on?.

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