In search of the perfect Pho.

Published: August 7, 2004
Updated: August 7, 2004

Recently we have been reading a book by the New Zealand food writer Peta Mathias called “Noodle Pillows”. Peta embarks on a search throughout Vietnam to try and find the perfect Pho (pronounced “fer”). Personally I think the quest is an impossible one because what is perfect for one will not be for another and so on. However, the concept has piqued my interest so we asked Mimi where would she go for her “perfect” Pho. Pho Bo Trang Mimi said, “No problem!” and walked us around the corner into Vo Van Tan St to a small unimposing Pho restaurant where she has been going all her life.  (Click on the thumbnail for a closer look at Pho Bo Trang) As it turns out, Pho Bo Trang has been in this spot for 27 years and the Pho is excellent, delicious, addictive - but is it perfect?? Well.. I will have to keep tasting many many Pho’s in order to find out. A tough job but I’m willing to take it on!

OK, OK I hear you asking, what is Pho?? Well, very basically it is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup, but it is pho pho more than that. You can find a recipe and description here, but keep in mind that every Pho restaurant creates Pho in their own style.

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