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Published: February 7, 2006
Updated: February 7, 2006

I’ve been reading the weblog of Mat at Upside Gone: Down in Saigon who has been teaching English here but seems to have now left S?i G?n, which I think is a good thing. Mat is a talented writer and a bit of a wit, in fact I was chuckling along with his most recent postings but as I read further I realised that Mat’s sense of humour only went as far as taking the piss out of other people. That is really sad Mat but perhaps in New York that is what people do, I don’t know.

However, even without wit Mat had some charming things to say. Here is an example, he is describing Vietnamese people:

“now i’ll be honest with you here. they all fucking look the same. yeah about half of’em have what appear to be a pair of mammary glands sticking out of their chest but aside from that, i can’t tell a single one of them from the other. they all have squished black eyes, straight black hair, no facial or body hair, yellow skin, and they squat and talk like monkeys.”

Fairly demeaning Mat but you really take the cake with your posting about your housemaid. This is a truly demeaning piece of prose and you want to know the funny thing Mat, the person who is most demeaned from it is you.

I hope that you are able to grow up (that is mature a bit) and realise that not all human beings have to be the same as you and as far as expecting the lady to learn English, you were in Viet Nam for Cliff’s sake! Did you ever think of learning Vietnamese?

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