Family life is important in Vietnam

Published: January 31, 2004
Updated: January 31, 2004

New clothes are a feature of the giving at Tet, and this is clearly evidenced in the stunning array of gear that the children are decked out in over this period. In the main square outside the people’s committee hall, a constant stream of family laden scooters arrives in order that they might have thier photos taken with a staue of Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh).
Lisa and I sat and looked on for nearly three hours one day. There was no need to walk around to find different things to look at, we had it arriving by the minute. The kids are all done up to the nines, and all of them looked exeptionally cute. (Photos when I can get them uploaded).
It is very clear that the Vietnamese people love thier children and enjoy thier family life very much. But more on that when I can publish the photos

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