December 09 declared International Housekeepers Day…

Published: December 10, 2004
Updated: December 10, 2004

...well at least it is for us. You see we have the most gorgeous housekeeper on earth. Ms Tam is always happy, always smiling and is a joy to have around our house on the three days a week that she comes and picks up after us.

imageOur friends Loic and Mai introduced Ms Tam to us as their housekeeper and her are good friends. They both come from the Ben Tre district in southern Viet Nam and have known each other for many years. Both of them left their families and came to HCMC to find work, work that is just not available in their rural area.

imageSo, because we are so indebted to these ladies who help us so much, the four of us decided that we would take them to the Vuon Pho restaurant in Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St. for dinner. The meal was a great success and we all enjoyed ourselves, but imagine our surprise when the two ladies told Mai that this was the first time in either of their lives that they had eaten in a restaurant. Things that we simply take for granted and here are two mature adults who have not had what we regard as a simple experience.

International Housekeepers Day was a resounding success, so we intend to repeat it, but we won’t leave it 12 months to do so. Perhaps it can become a tri-annual event.

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