Death is simply a part of life

Published: March 10, 2004
Updated: March 10, 2004

There has been a death three houses down from ours and tonight our alleyway is full of motorbikes that belong to friends and relatives who have come to pay their respects. The gates and doors to the house have been thrown open and the coffin is on display surrounded by burning incense and other decoration. A photograph of the lady sits atop the coffin and I think that it is the very old and frail lady who I saw sitting in the same room who has passed away. There is a great amount of singing and chanting taking place and I am told that this could possibly continue for three days or so. 

Certainly there is a lot of respect being paid here and if it is the old lady who has passed on then I’m pleased to note that the last time I saw her she was sitting in the lounge surrounded by family members.

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