Da Lat in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

Published: October 10, 2004
Updated: October 10, 2004

It was a great relief to leave the humidity and pollution of HCMC and travel to Da Lat in the Central Highlands 1,500 metres above sea level. Being able to walk in the forest, hear birds and animals and wear a jacket for protection from the cold was sensational.

Da Lat is a city that was originally built exclusively for the use of the colonialist French whose imagedesire was to live in an elegant city with a temperate climate. Consequently, the architecture of the city is interestingly French in origin mixed with more modern Vietnamese structures. The French “relocated” the ethnic minority Lat people who previously lived on the site of the city and to this day these people and other minority tribes live in remoter areas of the District.

The city is clean, the air invigorating and generally speaking Da Lat is a very pleasant place to visit. There are the usual touristy “must-visits” but there is also real opportunity to get off the beaten track here on a motorbike and I’m sure that is what we will do on our next visit.

As usual I have posted some images from Da Lat to a new album and you can view them by clicking on the thumbnail to the right.

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