Published: October 28, 2002
Updated: October 28, 2002

What the heck is This site provides a free, easy to use service to manage your buddy lists on your blog that works with every major blog tool and website. If you’re tired of editing your website’s html everytime you want to add or remove a simple link then blogrolling is for you.

What can this site do for me you ask? Well let me tell you! Don’t you just hate to go into the html on your website every time you want to add a link for a new friend or cool blog? Isn’t the point of blogging easy publishing so you don’t have to get your hands dirty? Well then this is the answer you’ve been looking for! provides a friendly and easy to use web interface for you to manage link lists on your blog or even regular website. Have multiple blogrolls for friends, enemies and even in-laws! It’s quick and easy. - the best link manager for your weblog and more!

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