Bangkok and then home again home again jiggity jig…

Published: November 7, 2005
Updated: November 7, 2005

Friday evening Lisa, Emma and I travelled from Sai Gon and met Bianca at Bangkok International Airport, since then the three girls have been involved in a non stop shopping/looking spree. This is good because it gives me the space to chill and opt out of the whole doing the markets over scene. Although I did venture out to the weekend markets with them to buy a second hand pair of boots for our motorbike ride from Ha Noi to Sa Pa next month. However, as soon as I had found an acceptable pair I was back on the skyrail and heading back to Petchaburi Rd.

Last night we headed down to Chinatown via the skyrail and MRT for dinner at a seafood restaurant we know there and then cabbed it over to one of the many bar areas for a few drinks and the chance to observe Bangkok’s “interesting” night life. Bianca ended up playing pool with two of the bar staff, one of whom turned out to be a “ladyboy” who none of us would have picked unless we were told (which we were in case you are wondering how we found out).

We all fly back to HCMC tonight and Bianca will get her first taste of Viet Nam. Always fascinating to observe people’s first responses!

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