Australian IT - World’s first internet loo planned (MAY 07, 2003)

Published: May 12, 2003
Updated: May 12, 2003

Obviously I will just have to have one of these also. Perhaps they will come with an option to attach wheels for towing behind the family four wheel drive. Camping out would take on a whole new meaning. And if mobile blogging is called moblogging what would blogging from your portable loo be called? Portablogging? Pottyblogging? Plogging? There is one option for a name that is so obvious that I dare not go there!

However, the only portable loo’s that I have ever come across have been at public venues and have been in no fit condition for extended human habitation.

World’s first internet loo planned

MAY 07, 2003

THE world’s first portable lavatory with internet access is due to be unveiled in Britain this summer.

The so-called iLoo is being built by Microsoft’s internet arm MSN which aims to showcase its creation at Britain’s summer music festivals.
The converted lavatory will feature a wireless keyboard, plasma screen and quick internet access.
In 2001, MSN installed an internet-enabled park bench in Suffolk, eastern England.


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