Another Giang update

Published: May 26, 2005
Updated: May 26, 2005

Yet another update on Giang’s progress in Brisbane from ROMAC’s Jill Ellis

Hi Roy,

Thought you would like to know the current situation with Giang and Phuong. Giang saw the Orthopaedic Surgeon at RCH Brisbane today and is booked in for surgery at 7 a.m. tomorrow. This will encompass plastic surgery to his eyelid and mouth, plus surgery to his feet/legs to release tendons.

His operation on 20 May was on his worst affected hand. There will be further operations on this hand and his left hand. In fact the Doctors’ Panel has indicated that there could be a number of operations ahead and have suggested that Giang and Phuong be accommodated closer to the hospital. During his hospitalisation Phuong is able to stay with him at the hospital.

Following discharge after surgery 27/5 Giang and Phuong will be re-located from Gold Coast to a Brisbane district and a Vietnamese family has volunteered to host them. I do not have their details as yet but I understand arrangements have been finalised through the Regional Carer Manager, Elaine Morgan.

If you have any queries, please let me know.

Kind regards

Jill Ellis
District 9640 ROMAC Committee.


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