AFL Grand Final Day

Published: September 28, 2004
Updated: September 28, 2004

Last Saturday was the Australian Rules Football Grand Final played at the MCG in Melbourne. We planned to have a quiet day watching the game live on television at Cafe Latin, but their satellite connection was down. Instead, we opted for the more expensive and opulent all you could eat and drink Grand Final buffet at the Legends Hotel. The ballroom was packed and the game exciting. The Aussie ex-pats came out of the wood-work for this one.

The day was in support of Sister Trish Franklin’s Loreto Vietnam-Australia Projects aimed at rescuing the orphans, street kids and underprivileged children of Viet Nam. Sister Trish was telling me that the orphanages support about 1,000 children which makes an awful lot of hungry mouths to feed and hungry souls to nurture. I like Trish, she is a genuine person, even if she is a Carlton supporter, so it was good to spend the money on the day knowing that a part of it was going to such a good cause.

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