A site for last writes

Published: October 28, 2002
Updated: October 28, 2002

A site for last writes
Bernard Lane
Australian IT
OCTOBER 28, 2002

HIS mother tracked me down. She knew I’d become a journalist and she had a story for me.

She wanted me to write about Milon Buneta, her son and my friend from those years when life puts on speed and seems on the brink of arriving everywhere at once. We were 20. We both had motorbikes. Milon was the more careful rider. Yet he was the one struck by a car. He died in the early morning of October 8, 1981.


What could I make of this? Would I be able to do justice to Milon? I didn’t know and more time passed.

Then I chanced upon a Newsweek article about weblogs, internet journals or diaries with regularly posted entries. There are perhaps 500,000 weblogs now and many ways to explain their attractions.

It dawned on me. Why not weblog my way towards an obituary?

I’ve pointed and clicked, made a simple beginning (www.milon.blogspot.com). How or when Milon’s living obituary will come to an end I don’t know. It’s an experiment built on hope, like life.

Australian IT - A site for last writes (Bernard Lane , OCTOBER 28, 2002)

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