a blog a day keeps the doctor away

Published: October 19, 2005
Updated: October 19, 2005

I’ve been maintaining blogs of some type or another now since 2002 and have conducted extensive research on why people blog and what it is that they see themselves as doing while they are blogging. In fact I wrote a 20,000 word dissertation on the topic. So I am interested when people give me their interpretations of what a blog is or what it should be. I’m even more interested when people are critical of other people’s blogs for what ever reason.

As far as I’m concerned a blog can be whatever the hell the person writing or posting images to it wants it to be. During my research I had so many people who were so adamant about what a blog was or wasn’t and others who were just as adamant that “they” weren’t maintaining a blog, they were “writing” or some other expression.

I was amused to be told recently that my blog writing was “not too bad”, you know “it could be better, but you do have some potential” type of thing. Actually, I couldn’t give a fuck what someone else thinks about what I write, how I write it, when I write it, what images I use, how many images I use, whether or not the images are the correct colour, not quite in focus or any other damn thing.

I just wish that people would stop trying to “pigeon hole” or classify how things “should” be. My blog is just that, “my blog”. I can write what the hell I want here, and I will.

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