the word from above

The word from above has been given, “Though shalt have a minimum two plants outside your house, or else”. By this time last Thursday that decree was to have been observed and it was amusing to watch the activities in our hem from Tuesday evening until late on Thursday as evaluations were done, observations made, doorbells rung, visitations visited, neighbours clucking, pots appearing, pots being shuffled, plants copping fertiliser, and so it went.

For us it made no difference cos we’ve had two plants outside our house for some time now…

plants 1 the word from above

For others who’ve been enthusiastic pot plant outside the front doorites it was a non-event…

plants 2 the word from above

Others made an effort…

plants 3 the word from above

Well, sort of an effort…

plants 4 the word from above

plants 5 the word from above

plants 6 the word from above

But some just haven’t got into the spirit of the whole thing at all…

plants 7 the word from above

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