cool new home

This is the air con in my home office and it seems as though it’s found new tenants. The sparrows have found a way in from the outside and are setting up shop so to speak. I couldn’t work out a few days ago why their tweeting and fluttering about sounded so close, but a few tail feathers sticking out occasionally and now this bedding that slipped through confirms it. I have some new office buddies in a cool new home!


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Hotel International Phnom Penh

On a recent visit to Cambodia I spotted the old Hotel International Phnom Penh from my own hotel’s balcony. Obviously this old girl has seen much better days and must have been an elegant hotel in its heyday. Sadly though, I couldn’t locate any old photos of the Hotel International Phnom Penh in prime condition, it would have been great to sit the images side by side for a comparison.

If you look closely at the old building (click image for larger version), it’s been divided up into tiny apartments and even more squalid living quarters have been built (I use the term built fairly loosely), on the roof. The only thing remaining of the original hotel facade is the once elegant old domed column with its faded sign and rusty awning over what must have been the “grand entrance” at the front.

No doubt this relic from the past would have many tales and some dark secrets lurking amongst the dust and vermin within its framework.

Hotel International Phnom Penh

new aggressive marketing method?

Could this be the newest trend in marketing children’s clothing? An “up yours” sort of attitude?

“If you don’t like our gear well too bad, up yours!”

Recently seen in Parkson District 1

miss understandings

Me: “I’ll have the smoked beef and cheddar baguette with salad and a cappuccino please. But can you bring the cappuccino after you bring the baguette, not before?”

Waiter: “You want a tall latte?”

Me: “No, I want a cappuccino, but don’t bring it right now, bring it later.”

Waiter: “OK, you want a tall latte?”

Me: “No, why would I want a tall latte? I want a cappuccino.”

Waiter: “Tall latte and cappuccino same thing.”

Me: “No, a cappuccino and tall latte are different things.”

Waiter: “Tall latte and cappuccino the same. They both have one shot espresso and hot milk.”

Me: “Yes, but they are different and I want a cappuccino please.”

At this stage I realised it was pointless asking for the cappuccino later rather than sooner so that I could enjoy it hot after the baguette instead of cold after sitting there for 10 or 15 minutes. Tactical error on my part, I should have ordered the coffee when half way through the baguette, but hey, I was in an upmarket cafe where the staff are supposedly used to serving and understanding foreigners, wasn’t I??? Annam, please get your act together.

My cappuccino getting cold while I enjoy my baguette.

xoi ga

To the uninitiated this may not look all that appetising, however, this is one of my favourite things to eat. It’s xoi ga, or sticky rice and chicken. In this version the chicken is mixed with mushroom, tiny shrimps and a quail egg and encased in the sticky rice which in turn is wrapped in a leaf and cooked in a steamer. I prefer to eat this with a dash of soy sauce, preferably mixed with chili and garlic. Yum. If eaten for breakfast this will “stick to your ribs” all day.

flash flooding in downtown Sai Gon

This is on Le Loi near the corner of Pasteur Sts in downtown Sia Gon yesterday at 4pm after a deluge inundated the city. Fortunately these types of flash flooding usually dissipate soon after the rain stops.


paper camera app

I just downloaded a new camera app to my mobile phone which has some really neat effects. The app. is called “Paper Camera” and I think I’m going to have some fun with it so stay tuned for more image uploads.