we successfully completed the design course

I’m happy to report that last December we both successfully completed the Coursera course from the University of Pennsylvania, “Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society”. We attained 96% and 97% overall grades and both agree that it was an enjoyable experience.

There were few technical hitches during the course, the lecture videos were of high quality and always seemed to load ok. There were some problems with the peer review process but our grades indicate these were ironed out.

Unfortunately I had to cancel my enrollment in the physics course, “How Things Work” as the start date has been put back to March which is not suitable for me.

I’d highly recommend a Coursera course and I’ll certainly be looking to take another in the future.

design certificate

design certificate


design course text

Design is conceiving and giving form to artifacts that solve problems.

A line from the text book, “Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society” which I’m sure sums up the course topic perfectly. Now it’s a matter of picking that sentence apart and putting it into practice.

Design Course Text


Design Course Text

Inside view

One great thing about being in Viet Nam is the print shops. Give them the PDF on a USB stick and within 15 minutes 2 books are printed, trimmed and spiral bound for only a few dollars.

Today is a reading day before the course begins tomorrow.

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